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Studying in Canada is an amazing experience for any student. Canada has one of the highest standards of education in the world. If you want to ensure your best chances at getting an approval on your student visa application, then we recommend you consult with us before submitting. We have helped hundreds of students successfully enter Canada on a study permit, and we can help you too!

Canada has become an ideal place for higher education studies, due to multitudes of reasons:


  • High Standards of education and living:


Canada has ranked amongst the top 10 countries in the world in the United Nations quality of life Index since 2004. Canada’s largest cities Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal have been recognized as world class cities to live and work for their cleanliness and safety and for their cultural activities and attractive lifestyles.  

Canada placed a great importance on learning and developed a first-rate education system with high standards in the world.


  • Welcoming Environment:


Canada has traditionally been a country of immigrants and has a policy of encouraging multicultural diversity. In this vibrant setting, different perspectives are respected and learning together is encouraged. Student can reap the benefit of embracing a


  • Affordable costs of studying and living:

Compared to other countries such as United States, Australia, and United Kingdom, Canada’s universities facilitate more affordable tuition fees for international students. The average annual tuition for an international student in Canadian educational institutions is $16,000- $17,000 USD, while in USA is $24,000-$25,000 USD, Australia $24000 USD and UK $21,000 USD.

  • Work while study and Immigration options:

International students can reap the benefit of working legally in Canada while they’re studying. Students are able to work up to 20 hours per week during school terms and full time (30 hours /week) during scheduled breaks like summer vacation.

Also, a study permit enables international students to receive automatically a post-graduate work permit equal to their studying period. For example, if they have been issued a 2 years study permit, they can receive a two years work permit. This can provide immigration opportunities and lead students to Express entry programs to receive permanent residency in Canada.