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In most cases, the employer must submit an offer of employment through the Employer Portal.

After the employer’s part is done, the temporary foreign worker must apply for a work permit.

Once the temporary foreign worker arrives, there are certain conditions and responsibilities that the employer must meet. If he doesn’t , he could be issued a penalty.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is for hiring foreign workers who need an LMIA. If you’re hiring a temporary foreign worker through the TFWP


In most cases, to hire a temporary worker through the International Mobility Program, you must

  • pay the employer compliance fee of $230; and
  • create and submit an offer of employment form through the Employer Portal. The offer of employment must include information about:
    • The employer’s business
    • the foreign worker the employer would like to hire
    • the job details
    • wage and benefits

Open work permits

If the employer hires a temporary worker who has an open work permit, you don’t need to submit an offer of employment form or pay the employer compliance fee.

An open work permit allows the permit holder to work for any Canadian employer.

After the employer submitted  an offer of employment through the Employer Portal, he’ll get an offer of employment number. He must give this number to the temporary worker you plan to hire or plan to employ.

Once the worker has this number, they can complete the work permit application. CIC will review their application to see if they’re eligible to work in Canada. If the application is approved, the temporary worker will get:

  • a letter of introduction and a work permit from a Canada border services officer, if they are still eligible when they arrive in Canada; or,
  • a new work permit (if they live in Canada or apply when they enter Canada)

If you need assistance in preparing an application for Canadian permanent residence through this program, view our Book Consultation and or complete our Assessment Form, we can assess you in your goals.